LiveMed is a telehealth platform for doctors, clinics, and hospitals to deliver virtual care by video consultation with full access to clinical data. Flexible scheduling easily connects doctors with patients wherever they may be. Doctors are equipped with the technology and resources to provide an accurate diagnosis without physical presence.

An all-in-one telehealthcare solution-LiveMed manages medical records, prescriptions, bills, payments, insurance, and more.

Simplified & Efficient Patient Management

Access medical records, coordinate between departments, and go paper-free with digital transactions. Reduce errors, manual effort, and employee costs. It’s all simplified and efficiently managed from one place.

Reduce strain while accommodating patient demand

Expand your reach with Virtual Care

Patients want convenience. Fear of Covid-19, immobility, and age restricts travel and the demand is that health care come to them. At hospitals and clinics, waiting in queues, running between departments, billing, and getting reports is tedious and time consuming.

Evolve with LiveMed!
Provide consultation with convenience; no complicated booking procedures, , lengthy waiting time, or travel. Patients are treated in the safety of their own homes.

You can increase your patient base, offer care to new geographies and reach patients in remote areas.

All at your fingertips with LiveMed.

LiveMed has tailor made solutions for every medical provider.

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The Complete Telehealth Care Solution

LiveMed has several features and functionalities for you to effortlessly manage every step of the patient’s treatment.

Digital Medical Records

Access to patient history, treatments, diagnosis, test reports, medication, and other data in one place

Easy Prescription

Doctors can record diagnoses and prescribe medicine during the consultation

Customized Billing

e-billing with options for custom packages, and discounts


Easy payment options for patients through secure payment gateways

Real-Time Calendar

Doctors can set up their availability, view appointment times, and cancellations

Digital Lab Reports

Lab tests can be easily scheduled at the nearest locations and results emailed to the doctor

SMS/Email Updates

Notifications and reminders are sent to the doctor or patient via SMS/email

Asynchronous Consultation

Patient reports and tests can be reviewed by the doctor, who can prescribe treatment without live consultation.

Labs, Diagnostic Centers and Pharmacies

Partner with a tech enabled network of certified providers of tests, scans and medicines. A direct to consumer service you and your patients can trust.

Sample Collection

Choose the nearest lab or easy collection from the patient's home.

Quality Testing Services

Quick and accurate testing services including test interpretations.

Seamless Interaction

Flexible clinician network, easily integrated for quick connections.

Pharmacy Inventory Indentation

Real-time inventory checks across distributed stores and instantly raise indents.

Follow up checks

Reminders sent to doctors to schedule follow up tests or prescriptions

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